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A short Ogham inscription has been found in Bornish, inscribed on a piece of animal bone, dating from this era; Following Norwegian unification, the Kingdom of the Isles became a crown dependency of the Norwegian king; to the Norwegians it was Suðreyjar (meaning southern isles).

Malcolm III of Scotland acknowledged in writing that Suðreyjar was not Scottish, and king Edgar quitclaimed any residual doubts.



and a small number of standing stones, of which the largest—standing 17 feet tall—is in the centre of the island, at the northern edge of Beinn A' Charra.

South Uist has a bedrock of Lewisian Gneiss, high-grade regional metamorphism dating back to 2,900 million years ago in the Archaean.

Some show granulite facies metamorphism, but most are the slightly lower temperature amphibolite facies.

They now bear the scars of the last glaciation which has exposed them.

"South Uist Machair" on the west coast is one of 40 National Scenic Areas in Scotland.At Kilpheder, the roundhouses were abandoned in favour of Norse longhouses; However, in the mid-12th century, Somerled, a Norse-Gael of uncertain origin, launched a coup, which made Suðreyjar entirely independent.



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