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OEM XP Pro can be used to repair install a "Corporate" VLK XP, but it must be run from Windows.

When booting from the OEM XP Pro CD the "Windows" and "Documents and Settings" folders.

These virtualized systems have no knowledge or understanding of the host machine at all.

Though virtual machines cannot rival the performance of real PCs for interactive use—they're useless for graphically challenging activities such as modern, action-oriented games, for example—they are perfect for many uses.

Repair Install XP Printable: OEM Repair Install step by step Deleting a registry key value will also trigger the Activation process that will allow a valid key to be applied. If XP is installed to a location other than C:\windows, it will be necessary to define the path to trigger the activation window.

This is only for changing a volume product key to a retail product key. KB Q328874 HOW TO: Change the Volume Licensing Product Key on a Windows XP SP1-Based Computer KB Q326904 Error Message: The Product Key Used to Install Windows Is Invalid Procedure below is for dual boot of Windows 2000 installed on C:\ and XP to another partition or hard drive. Drives or partitions can be NTFS, Fat32 or a combination of the two.


"Media Feature Pack" is available from Microsoft homepage ( Note 2: If using Kies with Windows 8 operating systems, please be advised that currently only Samsung Android OS and BADA OS based mobile devices are supported.

It has the options to copy the key to clipboard, save it to a text file or print it for safekeeping. Please note if your system came preinstalled from the OEM and you have not reinstalled XP, the Product key will not likely be valid.



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