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Many plants grow and reproduce in ways that bypass the two-parent sexual fusion—all must have evolved from ancestors that formed embryos by sexual cell fusion.Plants are adapted primarily for life on land, although many dwell in water during part of their life history.The Future Holds: Less armadillo on the menu, for starters.


Because all plants form embryos, they are all multicellular.

Pulled from the market in 1961, thalidomide caused approximately 10,000 children to be born with deformed limbs, brain defects, or other developmental deformities.

Because use of thalidomide has picked up again to treat leprosy and multiple myeloma (a type of cancer), it is hoped that the new study, published in the , could contribute to the development of a similar drug that does not have the same side effects.

Researchers may have finally figured out the mechanism of the tragic birth defects caused by thalidomide, the drug taken by pregnant women in the late 1950s as a remedy for nausea: It is thought to have inhibited development of new blood vessels at a crucial stage in the pregnancy.

Women usually took the drug at about five to nine weeks into their pregnancy to combat morning sickness, a specific window that lead researcher Neil Vargesson says “is crucial as that is when the limbs of babies are still forming….Two great groups—the nonvascular plants (informally called bryophytes, also called Bryata, Pl-1 through Pl-3) and the vascular plants (Tracheata, Pl-4 through Pl-12)—constitute the plant kingdom.


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