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Many people everywhere, including parents and the students, disapprove of the use of uniforms for a number of reasons.At the same time, many school officials will argue of the improvements in education and performances brought in from the schools due to implementing school uniforms.These athletes are being paid millions of dollars a year and serve as role models to children all over the world.For these reasons it is essential that a dress code be implemented into the NBA. It was official in 2005; the Lima City Schools board of education adopted a new dress code policy.For more about our journal of men's perspectives see TRANSITIONS AND NCFM: OUR HISTORY (STILL) IN THE MAKING , December 2011 by Francis Baumli.- No matter what state you live in virtually everywhere schools have a uniform or dress code policy.

Other research results revealed that 68% of the parents believed the uniform policy improved overall academic performance....

[tags: argumentative essay] - Every year parents, students and teachers argue about the issue of applying school uniform, and if it is going to be put into effect or not. Year after year, to help stop violent behavior and encourage order in schools, dress codes are applied.



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