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The implications of choosing one route versus another can depend on a variety of factors including the date that you apply, your flexibility with the training schedule and preferences for fundraising.

● Chapter route: ○ Training: facilitated by the chapter board over several weeks/months (i.e. ○ Fundraising: families are required to pay a smaller amount of the total on their own and in turn, all chapter participants are required to fundraise the remaining portion together.


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) training in Houston prior to departure for Latin America ○ Fundraising: you are responsible for paying the full amount but will receive a great toolkit for fundraising if you so choose. ○ Dates: you can still apply through the national office well into the spring if you didn’t apply through your chapter in the fall. It took me the longest time and having a few diagrams shown to me to begin picturing the in-country project structure but this is what I have come to figure out: ● Senior staff and supervisors stay in a staff house in a larger city surrounded by smaller communities.


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