Updating your xbox

For first-generation Xbox One controllers, "2.3.2381.0" is the latest firmware version, while revised controllers with 3.5 mm jack utilize version "2.3.2385.0." Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One S controllers currently receive version "3.1.1221.0." For controllers purchased before June 2015, controllers must be updated over a wired connection.

To do so, you'll need a Micro-USB cable, which is often used for older phones, cameras, and other accessories.

For a majority of recent Xbox One controllers, the easiest way to apply a firmware update is over the wireless connection.

However, due to hardware limitations, this functionality is only offered to controllers manufactured during or after June 2015.

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While infrequent, Microsoft has been known to release firmware updates for its Xbox One controllers in the past.

If your console needs an update, you’ll be prompted to install one. Plug the Headset Audio Controller into the bottom of your controller. Plug the Headset into the Headset Audio Controller.

If you try to update a controller that has already been updated, the Xbox One proceeds to the success screen within a few seconds to indicate it is already updated.

Updated January 16, 2017: Revised this article for the latest Xbox One update.

You know, in case you want to play some games on your game console.

For the first time in a while, the set up looks like it isn't trying to hide the things you need away somewhere.Note: The following only applies to the old Xbox One Controller.



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