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Most recently, however, he's been with/not with Katy Perry.Theirs is a mostly coy, semi-private coupling, but these two have quite a bit in common: luscious dark hair, massive musical success, and the ability to craft a killer tweet.After spending this past New Year's Eve together in Australia, the two seem hopelessly devoted once again, complete with a familiar rock on Miley's finger.Good thing celebs don't pawn their old engagement rings like regular peeps.Still, the two continued to date sporadically through 20, with Rihanna telling Vanity Fair she believed she could be Chris's "guardian angel" and fix his issues. The two collaborated musically, were involved in love triangles (more on that below), and even shared [link href=" link_updater_label="external" target="_blank"]some awards show PDA. And while I'm on this messy subject, Chris's on-again, off-again relationship with Karrueche Tran also made headlines. A rocky 2014 (rehab, jail, cheating rumors, diamond rings, Instagram battles) turned into an even rockier 2015: Karrueche final ended it when it was revealed that Chris had a baby girl with another woman. If you've ever downed 18 tequila shots, danced barefoot in a club, and screamed, "I'm done!The two ultimately couldn't maintain a healthy relationship, although, and went their separate ways in the end. After first hooking up in 2011, the two split in October 2012 (reportedly because of Chris's ongoing relationship with Rihanna — remember his confusion in "The Real Chris Brown" music video? " through a bathroom door, you've felt the pain of Sammi Sweatheart and Ronnie Ortiz.He says, "My mama don't like you and she likes everyone" and she says, "I'm just sick of this same old love." (Oh, and then there's that latest Well, after years of empty threats (from her) and seemingly false promises (from him), it seems that Scott is no longer keeping up with his Kardashian.




A star-crossed teen romance, a young engagement, a prolonged and painful breakup…After traipsing around Europe with another woman, Kourt finally decided that it was too late now to say sorry.


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    Over the years he would also host short-lived game shows like ' The Family Game' (for game show genius Chuck Barris) and ' Simon Says.' An animal rights activist, he would always end an episode of ' The Price is Right' by encouraging viewers to get their pets spayed and neutered.

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