Www deliberatedating com aquarius woman dating a gemini man

Apparently (as of 2010), 41% of bisexual-identified people on OKCupid had only sent messages to men, 36% had only sent messages to women, and only 23% had sent messages to a mix.It’s possible that many people are lying, but are the numbers so surprising that we need to resort to such a conclusion? More than 5.3 million American men and women have become husband and wife in (hopefully) eternal interracial matrimony.We live in an era chock full of societal progress filled with all sorts of beautiful, multi-ethnic human mash-ups that even in the 1960s—just 50 years ago—would have been unthinkable and have yet to be fully encountered. We celebrate these undeniable shifts in our socio-cultural make-up.

Although their interpretation is highly suspect, it is based on some rather interesting data.Maybe if someone of a different gender came along, they would be open to a relationship, but as far as deliberately messaging people on OKCupid, it’s easier to just stick to one gender.



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