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The Child Support Agency [now defunct] has its own legislation and a formula which staff use to determine how much a parent should be paying...It is not possible to try and reduce your income by strategies such as salary sacrifice or negative gearing of rental properties.Universal Credit is being rolled out across Ribble Valley between November 2014 and November 2018.Some working age claimants will need to claim Universal Credit at a Job Centre that deals with Ribble Valley Borough Councils area.Universal Credit is being rolled out in stages in Ribble Valley and claims may be accepted in some areas of the borough from working age people, unemployed, on a low income and liable to pay rent (or not).Universal Credit will gradually replace six benefits with a single monthly payment, in time it will Replace: If you are already in receipt of benefits, your local Jobcentre Plus or Tax Credits office will tell you when you have to apply for Universal Credit.

Introduction Both working tax credit and child tax credit can include additional amounts due to disability, which can increase the amount of your award. Working tax credit – the ‘disabled worker element’ This element is an important one for disabled people.You will need to explain your situation with the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP), who may refer you to Ribble Valley Borough Council for personal budgeting support. Discretionary Housing Payments will still be available from Ribble Valley Borough Council even if you no longer claim Housing Benefit.You will need to have your housing costs met through Universal Credit or Housing Benefit to apply for this additional help.It should be stated from the start that the child support system is strongly regulated, making it very difficult to beat.

Keep in mind that child support is important for Australia's children, even if the way it's calculated often produces assessments that seem unrealistic and unfair.

In addition to working at least 16 hours a week, you have to satisfy a .


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