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When we touched it, we felt a very smooth surface, like silken tofu, suggesting it is soft, creamy and easy to digest.Last, the smell of its weak acid suggested the smell of a newborn baby!With the help of this collection we will try to dispel myth that free templates are non-professional templates.With the help of these travel website templates you can easily create travel website and tell your visitors, for example, about how to plan the safest and most enjoyable gap year travel.


The look of every block of kesong puti is appetizing, because it is so smooth and appeals like eye candy! An author, Clifton Fadiman, wrote that cheese “is milk’s leap to immortality.” Translated in my Tagalog: “Grabe! Cruz by Nancy Reyes-Lumen / Cooks (Business Mirror) The softest, lightest, whitest and loveliest kesong puti we ever experienced was at a breakfast served at Day Salonga’s home in Sta. The white pillow-soft cottage cheese simply melted in my mouth. –and it was such a pleasure to spend a day with them in my home town Santa Cruz, Laguna. Ang sarap ng kesong puti na ‘to, ever.” TO put us in perspective, here’s a technical recipe for producing kesong puti as given by the DTRI (Dairy Training Research Institute).


We (with chef mon) had breakfast at my parent’s home, what to serve to foodies ? According to DTRI, kesong puti is a soft cheese, fresh, unripened, prepared from milk.The lactic acid of this water added to the acetic acid of vinegar produces a rounded flavor in the vinegar.


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