What kind of ethnicity should you be dating

(Laughter.) My father doesn’t read, unfortunately; that would have been 4 percent.


When I would say things like in Matthew, blah, blah, blah, the students would get that look like they sort of knew what I was talking about but they really didn’t. And I found that I couldn’t assume much in terms of religious knowledge from my students. Not, who was the pope when [Martin] Luther nailed his theses on the wall at Wittenberg? And one thing that really intrigued me is, at the end, I would give them a list of Bible characters and then Bible stories and I’d ask them to match them.

And so, I started giving this quiz that’s in my book. Paul would be getting the olive branch from the dove and – (laughter) – Jesus would be parting the Red Sea. Most Americans probably don’t know that reference to David and Goliath.



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