Dating game granholm jennifer

As for her new - or at least, newfound- Internet sensation, Granholm is taking it in stride.

LANSING, MI - It has been known for years that former Gov.

Jennifer Granholm appeared on "The Dating Game" in 1978. After Granholm's fiery speech to the Democratic National Convention last week - which some have called her Howard Dean moment - a video has surfaced on You Tube of her on the dating show.

She has puffy hair - lots of it - wears tight jeans and suspenders, and asks questions of the three bachelors like "What was the most famous girl you ever dated famous for?

Granholm, who was born in Canada, grew up in California and moved to Los Angeles at 19 to become an actress. We won't give away which lucky bachelor is chosen by Granholm.

"I was high on democracy," Granholm told reporters following her remarks. So now I will fully take the blame if there is a future New Jersey Governor Snooki." The video, which never surfaced during Granholm's political career, was posted on You Tube a week ago by a New York man who had seen it on the Facebook page of one of the contestants not chosen by Granholm.


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