Teens and safe dating

So all in all, this is a wonderful thing you are doing; you have made such an impact in my life.” – High school student “I always thought that someone was jealous about their partner because that person really loves the other person.

But it is not and it does make sense that someone who is jealous could kill someone, or commit suicide.

Additionally, an overview of the services Safe Futures offers is provided to all of our students with particular attention given to the domestic violence and sexual assault hotline numbers.

Students are encouraged to use the services themselves and/or refer others they know who may be in need now or in the future. The Healthy Relationships program is typically taught over five consecutive days.

I had great feelings for my ex-girlfriend, I would text her like crazy and couldn’t stop thinking about her.

One in three teen girls will be a victim of violence in a dating relationship, and even more teens experience emotional and verbal abuse from a boyfriend.



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