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Hong Kong has a variety of colourful and busy street and covered markets always popular with visitors as a haunt for bargaining and seeking out cheap goods of all descriptions.

Here is a summary of popular tourist markets; STANLEY MARKET Stanley Main Street, Stanley Market This day market is on most visitors list of "must do's" in Hong Kong and is a little more “up market” than most other street markets in Hong Kong with some good quality merchandise.

Arms reach behind your back, fingers laced, elbows bent, head turned to the right (if you can’t lace fingers, use a resistance band to connect the hands).

Attractions include beaches (Stanley Main Beach and Stanley St Stephens Beach), waterfront promenade and boardwalk with shops, restaurants and cafes, temples, Murray House, Stanley Plaza, Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum, Stanley Ma Hang Park, Stanley Military Cemetery are of which all within walking distance of the market.Single-leg kick: Lie facedown, propped up on elbows, legs stretched long and pressed together.


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