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More » Hi5 is a popular social network with a large international base that gets its name by allowing users to give a high five to other users.These high fives are an emotive tool where you can express happiness, cheer on a friend, or give them a slap on the back.Like Twitter, it allows micro-blogging, but it allows longer messages, support for discussions, and embedded files and videos among other things.More » A social network with an emphasis on the past, Reunion is focused on helping you to find long-lost pals and old schoolmates.It also allows users to log in through their Google account.Aimed at teenagers, Piczo is an up-and-comer in the social networking ranks.More » Launched in 2002, Friendster is one of the earlier social networks and was later used as a blueprint for the creation of My Space.

It also features Bebo Music, Bebo Authors and Bebo Mobile.

More » While many social networks allow you to host a blog, Xanga is more like a blog network with social networking features.

In addition to a focus on customization, Xanga allows you to join blog rings, nudge fellow bloggers, and keep up with a mini-blog called a pulse.

43 Things is a social network that focuses on goal setting.

Members are linked by what goals they wish to attain and which goals they have already completed.

General social networks or friends-based social networks are those that do not focus on a particular topic or niche, but rather put the emphasis on staying connected to your friends.


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    We do not own, produce or host the (embed) videos displayed on this website.

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