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Have been to many hotels around the world and 1 Hotel Miami is right there with the very top. They sent us champagne as we were in our honeymoon, which was also a nice gesture. The entrance, to the elevator, to the pool deck, and the decor is well thought through in order to match from top to bottom and wall to wall.It’s our second time here with my friends and we absolutely love it!! The beach team always gives us the 5 stars treatment!! From check-in to check-out, the experience at the hotel was overall amazing.My sister and I spent a lovely weekend here and we had the best time.Coming from cold weather we couldn't wait to go to the beach.



Discover the neighborhood on a bicycle tour, or take to the water with paddleboard yoga and kayaking through the mangroves.Join Seedlings in Basecamp, located by the Center Pool. They actively seek ways to make your time there special. It’s ecologically conscious and uses found objects/reusable materials as much as possible, while still being a beautiful luxury hotel.A daily schedule filled with activities, explorations, crafts and special guest visits. The design is perfect in every way with all kinds of special touches that delight. The staff is friendly and entire hotel is clean and beautiful.This is a Smart Hotel, poised in the heart - but not the frenzy- of South Beach. The customer experience is unmatched from any hotel in Miami and it's on par with the customer service you receive in other resorts out of the country.


When I visit Miami from now on this will be my go to hotel. The hotel has a relaxed feel from the lobby right through to the beach.

The Seedlings program at Basecamp offers daily adventures for younger guests.



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