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It's also on the quieter, more remote end of Duval Street, away from the hubbub of the center of town and the yahoos who sometimes populate it.Our late arrival Friday evening had us hunting for dinner somewhere close by, which brought us to nine one five.Not as raucous as places like Sloppy Joe's, Hog's Breath Saloon or the Green Parrot, the Rum Bar has a quiet charm, with less than a dozen barstools lined up around an L-shaped bar, and about five times as many rums lined up to choose from on the other side of the bar.You can try them neat, on the rocks, or let the bartender fix one of their many specialty drinks.


If you've read more than a few sentences here, you'll probably know that Ernest Hemingway is not a writer I emulate (though I could surely use more of his knack for brevity).

Key West is an easy trip from Miami; still, it's also one I find strangely easy to overlook in favor of other more exotic, more distant destinations.

But with nearly 5,000 miles of air travel coming up (we headed down there the weekend before taking off for Hawaii for two weeks) and a couple days free, it was the perfect getaway for a couple days of rest and relaxation.

The decor breaks the mold of the typical Key West Victorian motif, going instead for a sort of hippy / steampunk aesthetic.


The menu likewise avoids most of the typical, touristy Key West tropes.Maybe it's the three hour drive that sloughs away petty worries and aggravations, as south Miami suburbia gives way to Homestead farms and nurseries, which in turn give way to islands and open water.



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