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Tiffany Tang's assistant recently refuted Roy Qiu's claims that he ended his two-year romance with Tiffany months back, claiming that the couple has never agreed on a breakup.

Dating speculations between Roy and his new love interest Lee Yu Fen sparked off after the latter was seen visiting Roy during his filming in Shenzhen.

However, things took a turn for the worse starting December of last year, when Roy began to lessen the time spent with Tiffany.However, Roy later denied the dating rumours and revealed that he had broken up with his girlfriend Tiffany in November last year.Tiffany's assistant then revealed an intimate photo of the couple on her microblog and scolded Roy for hurting Tiffany.She continued saying that despite his promise to always "walk hand-in-hand" with Tiffany, Roy's team insisted that he could not reveal the truth, because 70 to 80 percent of his fan base was female.

She added that Roy was also a controlling person, stating, "Every time Roy and Tiffany had an interview, Roy would call a few days beforehand with countless instructions on what to say and what to wear.

He later starred in another series with her as a lead in Love Contract. In October 2006, he signed up for another TV series, Why Why Love, also with Rainie Yang and Kingone Wang. In 2008, He appeared in the Chinese television series Infernal Lover (无间有爱).


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