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The attack occurred on a Saturday afternoon on the 5700 block of Pinehurst Drive in west Montgomery County.Christian and his 9-year old sister, Trinity, had been playing in their family's backyard when the boy climbed over a chain-link fence into the neighbor's yard.According to the boy's family, a person from the dog owner's home opened the door during the attack, but did not help the boy. The pit bull -- left tethered and unattended in an accessible yard -- had committed vicious acts in the past, including: killing its own sire and attacking its own litter of puppies.[source citations] Ryan Maxwell, 7-years old, was attacked and killed by a pit bull while visiting family friends at a home on Whiting Avenue. At the time of the attack, the boy had been playing in the backyard.


The boy did not survive his injuries; he died at the hospital that evening.At the time of the attack, the boy's mother had been feeding a newborn inside the home.


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