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The cattle received by the bride's family will in turn be used as payment when their own son(s) (assuming they have any) are looking to take a bride of their own.

This system of passing on bride wealth however, makes it hard to dissolve marriages because the cattle will have to be returned.

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President Salva Kiir appointed a 55-member Constitutional Review Commission in 2012 to assess and improve on the country’s current transitional constitution, which was adopted on Jul.

9, 2011, the day South Sudan became an independent nation.

As long as there is someone willing to pay many cows (for her), I will marry off my daughter,” Deng tells IPS.“Early marriage, violence against women and many other things at the grassroots that women are suffering from are because of customary law.


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After this public promise to marry, the couple are now considered husband and wife.


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