Who is nicole wray dating

The process working on that album was pretty unique because I was young and fresh out of High School and still wet behind the ears.

Essence: What are your thoughts on your music being defined as retro? And penning ideas about my life and my friends and my family and situations to be able to relate to people. It reminds me of when we came out, the super friends journey with Aaliyah, myself, and then the Brandy days and Monica.I remember going back to school, I was in my senior year.I was telling all my friends that I had recorded an album and that I was working with Total, SWV and Missy Elliott. I told them I had met Faith Evans at the time and held Biggie’s son and I had pictures. I like the fact that a lot of these artists are taking R&B music from the 90s and adding their own flair to it of today-I think that's really cool. Essence: What's your relationship with Missy Elliot like? I wouldn't say that I talk to her everyday but I know that the love is still there and if I need her, she will be there.

I see a lot of foolishness sometimes in articles and on social media and things of that nature. I wouldn't say that we have a relationship right now but there have been times I've emailed or she'll text me out of the blue and I know that love is still there. I mean you can't not walk away from a friendship over all those years and she's done so many great things for me and has been in my life and my family's life for years even before my career started, so...To help personalise content, tailor and measure ads and provide a safer experience, we use cookies.



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