Sedating cats for

Next day I stuffed the pill into a bit of braunschweiger, her favorite treat, which she wolfed down.

About an hour later she fell asleep in my lap, purring.

Most places have a chamber (or bad kitty box like us) and they basically just sit in the box until the gas puts them under enough to be handled.

They can be maintained on a very low gas setting with a mask until they are done.

The reason I haven't spoken with my vet about this in the past is because my normal vet seems to handle the cats behavior pretty well.

As I mentioned I had a vet other than my regular one due to the fact that I wanted to get in asap.

I gave her a little water with an eyedropper as she was regaining consciousness because I knew her mouth was dry. I think she slept through what would otherwise have been a very traumatic experience.

And instead of breaking the trust I had worked so hard to build, Snow was more trusting and affectionate than ever.



I plan to discuss this with my normal vet after the holiday and wanted some opinions from people that have to deal with this sort of behavior too. I could try a muzzle but that will only protect the vet, not really make it any easier to examine the cat. I can see it being an issue if it numbs any pain the cat might feel since pain can indicate a problem.This is literally a life saver in some cases, especially blood draws or dealing with injuries.


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